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Land of the Fake

by Echo Tongues

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The unreleased album from March 2018


released June 21, 2019


all rights reserved



Echo Tongues Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Land of the Lost
Cut me out for a piece of my own pie
My body doubts the reasons I give it to cry
I stand beside myself on a lake with laughter on my side
My funeral becomes a wake for your Ebenezer snide

And when we talk we can’t become ourselves
Because of this lie we tell
This lie befell
And crushed our ego
Track Name: The Crumbs Between Us
What’s to say about shit?
Nothing to say about it.
The more I lose my shit, the more I can use this shit
To make my illusion good
When I’m being used by him, I’m being used by a goat
I go do it, I get to it
I don’t care how it look or how it feel to you, bro
Sister? I don’t know what to say to explain my actions
From my reactions to fact or fiction
My religion is no disc, kid
Can’t put it on a CD-Rom
I won’t read a story made before Vietnam
Lennon on a song
Try to sing along
Lucy on my dong
Fuck the world, I’m gone
Fuck it man, wrong
Still just creepin not really sleeping down to my imp kit
What am I saying? I’m bulimic.
Give me a little time, we might see shit without the drugs
And if we can’t get them more, than that’s all, that’s the thugs
Government trying to shut us down
For having our religion spiritual, off the ground
What are they thinking? Why are they ruining people’s lives?
What could they get out of their own disguise?
What they could get from it is peace
Learn the truth of life and be happy in the blissful lease
What can I say to it, G?
The world is born and corrupt and all about money
People come second only to earn something imaginary.
Fuck, it really god damn disgusts me to see a beautiful planet turn into something so disgusting
There’s nothing I can say, and nothing I can do
I’m just one person, how about you?
Speaking how I feel from my soul stream of wheels
Turning in my gears, burning all my ways
When I don’t think, the words come out instead
So if I do this more, maybe I could learn to ignore my reactionary impulse to control the situation
Track Name: Busted Radiator
I don’t know how to complain
When everything is so lame
And I guess there’s no need to complain about it
Because it’s already done
And I’m doing what I want now
And I’m going deep

Take a trip with me, you see
I don’t really care where we end up anymore
As long as we’re together, I’m down for what’s in store
I don’t care how I look anymore
I wanna be your whore
Not you, you fuckin human
Shut up, you’re only listening, man
I’m not here playing cupid
I am cumin, I’m a spice on that Salvia
Weed on my dahlia
Smoke it up like mix it up like everything is fucked up
But it’s cool to me
So why should I fake like I’m not down with it, G?
It’s just a bit heavy sometimes to really face
Peeling walls away like they was really made of fakes
Makes me think The Matrix was sent down just to teach us shit
And it’s a metaphor for the reality of illusion
We now have something we compare it to
What can I say, does it matter?
No it doesn’t, of course not, enjoy your life and roar hot

The truth will set me free, but it’s enough for now
When you shut up, don’t have a cow
Don’t freak out
Just be cool
Save the fool
Says the fool, “The Joker laughs at you”
Their jesters run shit, too
Why don’t you just take a ride on that Salvia slide
If you don’t believe me about all my secrets
And what I’ve been believing

I guess you could talk about it to yourself at night
If you wanna stay up
I don’t wanna get down
I’m just clowning around
I have found my sound?
I have done nothing of the sort
Get out of town

What’s next?
Does it really matter?
Flow with the best of it
And take the worst of spices too
You can’t have one without the other
Which one you want to stick to you?

Negativity or positivity will run your life
Into nativity or Hell on Earth, you see
I see where I see us going
And it’s not pretty
It’s not nature’s picturesque beauty
It’s a wasteland
Track Name: Scenic Organ
When I speak out of my window
All the same shit comes back to me
And when I go out in the morning with the sunlight
The sunlight follows me from the perception of reality I bleed
I’ve stopped asking questions and stopped being discreet about what I need

I need some answer
Drugs call me like fake thugs
When the cops show us
What is wrong with disgusting acts of favorite
Savor it, everything is that savior shit

What you gonna say about it?
I’m freaking out, I’ve lost my head
But it comes right back to me
So if you can’t see
What I’ve been giving to me
I guess there’s nothing to release
Track Name: Why the Lake Sings
Time to release the sonic vibe
Where you come out of my skin
I know you’re creeping underneath
Where you can pretend to be just a normal human me

But I know more than what I think
I think I’ve released something out of me
That won’t trap me into contrasting like
This ocean fills my release of information
Like, whatever, I am on top of it
I lose this in the ocean
Fault the water underneath me
Where I can release myself under vagrant help
Where can I resell myself to this hell?

Its got nothing to do with what I think
Its got nothing to do with how I sing
Its got nothing to do with your vagrant smile at me
Give me that Cheshire Cat eye and I can’t leave
So will you bother me? Promise me
Bother me to lobotomy of my own self
Track Name: Trippy Beat III
Why can’t I be
Lost at my sea
Nobody to bother me
And just lucid on my dream

I can’t relate to the way things have been
I can’t relate to the things you’ve not seen
I can’t relate to the way you speak about your
Pleasures around the ring you live on
Everything got to be a give-on
Putting it out for free to get on
The way that you want to be
The way that you talk to me
The way I just wanna be free
Content personality
Dropped out for none to see
Track Name: Egyptian Sandles
Roaming around this country town
Roaming around this country town
I won’t let you down

When you start, you look at me like I’m crazy
When you start to believe
Everything’s taken from me
And I know that there's no release for what I’m putting you through

I wish that I knew how to control all the side effects of my actions
When I’m diving deep in my relaxation
I’m on vacation
No name to the nation
Got me on that plain shit
Track Name: Whacked Out
The temple’s dark
I have no flashlight
I pull apart
Just like I’m wrapped tight
The boulevard is never lit at night
I pull apart
Like I just downed the cyanide

How many times can I tell the same story
Wrap the words around like a candy-cane barbershop
I’m not here to cut your hair
I’m just here to release your head
And if you’re not into it
Say not interested

I’m just dead
Feeling no-oh, no-oh,
Nothings coming out like oh no
Inspiration must strike like a blow
Or release to the flow of the universal pattern that gives me what I know

Water the garden and get out before it consumes you
That is life, we’re just like a season of flower
Lose you when you die
Will you come out again?
I don’t want to tell lies
But I have a feeling you will, my friend
So must realize this is temporary jaundice on a joint
If you can’t get out, you must be annoyed

I feel like nothing else is worth saying
I'm just playing a game called life
If you playing with me, won’t you be my wife?
Just kidding, it’s just a game, nothing is real
Its all insane rules we made up