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The Peak 03:30
When you reach the peak of it Can you steep beneath above it Can you sleep with time’s shoveling Old coal to keep your mind’s oven We’re back from beyond it seems No more games and memes No more shattered dreams No more wake me lean The body is a temple that breaks open when you want it to The mind is a gate that reawakens if you promise to
The Flower 02:21
You’re aching nothingness The world is only stress You’ve got to clean your mess This lion’s emptiness Pulls harder in your chest You’re lying to this mess Unwind what’s cheap blessed Tongue tied with secrets The world looks back and finds You’re lost inside of your own mind Aching on this grind Turns the gears of your own time Blacked out on wins to state You’re lying to your waste Fucked down on your estate Come ‘round and find your fate Come ‘round it’s fine to hate When you look back in haste You’re lost inside of your own days Turning back to taste The emptiness of your old ways
Criminal 03:34
You look more beautiful than the day you dyed Your hair a pressing white I wish to wash away this heat inside And turn it back into light You’ve got my heart locked on a silver platter I try to hide from it, it doesn’t matter I could be whatever for you Just please don’t tell me you feel too Sick to go a thousand miles high I could shred your secrets if you like Riding on this high rise Simple ties and luminous skies Every day is just a simple fountain Rushing ways until we live without it My heart gets colder by the minute shouting I’d love to tear you apart Just to unleash your shadow nest So you could free yourself from outer stress I hate to see you fucking feel like this You’re just a work of art The shadow that you keep alive Will have to hunt to survive It’s not as meek as raise the tide It’s whatever you like
Klono 03:53
I see the bigger picture creeping out It keeps it’s treats locked in a sleeping pouch Tell me to talk about my interests and I’ll say get out Your majesty is on a creeping bout Locked away behind the fire hydrant Talked about it in your own assignment Walked around it in your bubble by day Talk about it, everything goes away If I find radiance on this peaceful moon I’ll have to sell my heart so it can swoon My soul was sacrificed like doom in bloom I’ll eat the cracker wise, not to assume Caught a way without your body Ain’t no way that you could stop it It’s on fire, no need to drop it Bought my lie into a socket All bursts Terrible flame shooting out again Misty eyed beautiful friend Take a look inside this locket Everyone can see to lock it Nothing worse than feeling hot dead Anyone could see to stop it
I felt the moon look out With disappointment now I tried to scream out loud I didn’t want to shout I tried to trip myself out last night But it didn’t feel right I called a favor to the sky It ripped itself into a new light Tongue tied without a ride My favors are empty peaks Cut down with sleekness I find forever meets The dawn of peaked mess What’s fucking wrong with me Overloaded with stress I climb the mountain peak But can’t remember it I tried to take myself out tonight But it didn’t feel right I called a favor to the sky It ripped itself into a loose high I could never get by without the night
Bleak 03:33
I’m fighting wind over sails that squeal I make pretend none of this is real My satellite heart doesn’t know the deal I’ll take my time to open this new seal What have I done I’ve killed myself again What have I won I’ve lost my only frame It’s gotten harder just to see the way I’ll take my time to forget yesterday My ego’s shadow doesn’t come to play I leave the battle wound left on display What have I done I’ve willed my only friend What have I won I’ll see you soon again
Drought 03:30
Sky turns to rubble in this fucking place I got nothing to say without my mind taking me Just left but got back soon, G The world is an oyster and it’s not for me Everyday I’m fronting like the KGB They wanna get my gold but they can’t stop me I pack and unfold like fake TV Got my slack on reality, it’s aching me This drought is taking over I’d hate to find you so tough The time it takes to show up You’re gonna have to show her The world breaks down into a cloud It all looks so vacant now I tried to take part of it out I only got back what I held New universal well Tried my hardest to stick the gel I fucked up my mind, oh well Trying to get my first class seat to hell This drought is aching clovers I’d wait to find you sober The time it takes to grow her You’re gonna have to lower
Smoothy 03:01
Every day is a new escape Trying to fit through your newest gate I tried to tell you not to wait I think you’ve found me on my way A new arrival The noose is rivaled I try to silo I keep my pile I just want to tell you I love you more than the world I’d die for you to be honest, girl But cut my wrists and bleed the whirl No, I wouldn’t do that A new arrival The noose is rivaled I try to silo I keep my pile
I fell back down under my room What was I just to assume The paper looked at me like I had eyes for it But I didn’t I just wanted to talk to you tonight I speak out loud but the voices are never there I try to tempt the fates by going away But I never really get there It’s tough to find a ride inside of a dream When you called out, believe me I saw you shoot down from a beam Craziest thing I’d ever seen When I look at you from my pocket I go kind of blind and rue the day Something numbs me enough to get by Always wondering when we’ll meet again
It’s a temporary moment of your life It’s got nothing to do with what’s inside You can find yourself in plots without divide You’ve just got to get by I can’t fault you for that This willingness to disconnect On a treetop where you lay Say goodbye to yesterday Too many times I’ve felt the wind Circling like a vulture begins I’ll take my time to take the top off Watching as it never ends I guess it’s just a story I tell For what the hell There’s nothing to see and nothing to believe It’s just oh well Find yourself another storyteller This one’s not well I guess there’s no more connection Take time for your own reflection Don’t bother with time’s resurrection There’s no seat for this section There was a shadowy figure that once haunted my heart Until I caught it in a rip and I tore it apart And the pieces I devoured like it was art But now I’m running from myself There is no certainty In what it does to me It’s just vacant chemistry Don’t you see? I’ll take another leaf And cut this final lead That helps me get by
Exit Doors 02:19
Too many times I’ve felt this creep around me It tries to hide away and steal my laundry It tries to fake itself till it’s upon me It tries to ruin my life and say it’s sorry How can I forgive you for what I’ve done myself Why can I not give you a piece of something else It’s time for a final lap around the circus I don’t believe you’d ever try to hurt us My life is wrapped around a tree, so skirt us
Trilogy 03:17
I’m fine with the way things are going Rewind all the things that you’re showing Steep time in the brew you’ve got going Beat mine if you think that you’re glowing I’m a calm star burst in the universe I can’t live without her sunken knowledge I’m a monster cursed in my lucid verse I can’t live without her bleeding heart Twenty four excise my rights to hear me though Back when we were only getting cereal I’ll just hang the noose for new material Hold the sun, I’m starting to get weary though I’m a calm star burst in the universe I can’t live without her sunken knowledge I’m a monster cursed in my lucid verse I can’t live without her bleeding heart Twenty nine days 'till we escape I’m fine without the sack lunches We’ll be tasting security tape Swallow all and destroy all hunches I’m a calm star burst in the universe I can’t live without her sunken knowledge I’m a monster cursed in my lucid verse I can’t live without her bleeding heart
The Slap 02:24
I just want to destroy the night I’ve had enough for a lifetime I guess it’s better that I might Save my ticket for the right time Can you give me one reason to stay Sanity is such an misused phrase Can you give me one reason to wait The other side was calling yesterday


recorded in carnation, wa

remastered 2/13/2020


released January 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Echo Tongues Seattle, Washington

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